What Sets Us Apart

  • We don’t say “no” to military families in need which means we must be creative, seek assistance from a wide variety of sources, and continually educate civilian communities about the needs of military families to keep these families in the forefront of their awareness.
  • We actively partner with other organizations that provide resources and assistance but maintain our connection to clients as a “case manager” to ensure continued progress.
  • We screen and vet our clients for proof of military service and confirmation of need but we don’t have “guidelines” for families we will or won’t help. Many organizations only focus on OIF/OEF (Iraq/ Afghanistan) veterans, a particular branch of service, a veteran whose injuries were incurred within a 2 year period, severity of injury, location, length of service, rank, etc. – HFH works to assist every military family member from every branch of service (including Guard and Reserve) who has served.
  • We have a proven ability to accomplish a great deal with minimal overhead – our work is carried out by a home based virtual staff, contract help, and volunteers. Resources and donations collected are “passed through” the organization directly to military families in need.
  • We pride ourselves on the connections we build with our clients and the continual support we provide once immediate issues are resolved. We have learned that often it is only after several contacts that families share additional underlying needs and we’re here for the long-term to provide on-going support.
  • We offer specialized and individualized services for each military family we work with. We determine what existing resources might best meet the needs of those we serve and provide connections, information and referral, and follow up care.
  • When established resources are not available, Home Front Hearts rallies communities across the country to give back to these families who sacrifice so much. When communities unite in this way there is the added benefit of giving others the opportunity to make a difference.