What We Do

  • We are the bridge between military families with needs who don’t always have a “voice” and those of us who want to help but don’t know how. We are small enough and flexible enough to do very direct meaningful work with minimal overhead and bureaucracy.
  • We provide a place where military families can go for help without shame, embarrassment or impact to military service.
  • We address the “unmet needs” of our clients (financial assistance, coaching/counseling, legal assistance, etc.).
  • We match corporate, non-profit, community, and individual “givers” to military families in need.
  • We stay involved - overseeing progress, providing resources and support, and ensuring needs are met until the family is back on track.
  • We provide flexible service fellowship opportunities for wounded warrior caregivers and/or military spouses unable to work outside the home due to their own health/disability or that of a child/children, to assist other military families while earning much needed income.
  • We assist military children nationwide by increasing awareness to peers, teachers, coaches, parents, and mentors about the challenges military children face and educating these community members on the best ways to support and assist these children.
  • We maintain a continually-updated resource directory and news source on our website and partner with and utilize many of our website resources as we support our clients.